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SAP Netweaver 7.02 - Buffer Overflow

Systems Affected:     SAP AG Netweaver 7.02
Severity:                   High
Category:                 Remote Code Execution
Author:                     Nico Leidecker, Context Information Security Ltd
Reported to vendor:  29th September 2011
Advisory Issued:       17th February 2012

Buffer Overflow In SAPHostControl

The SAPHostControl Service was found to be vulnerable to remote code execution via a stack based buffer overflow. By 
sending a certain string to the service, attackers could cause a condition whereby they are able to inject and execute 
malicious code. This code will execute with Administrator privileges.

The SAPHostControl service expects commands to be sent wrapped into SOAP messages. One of those messages has parameters 
which are insecurely handled.  These parameter values are copied into a static buffer on the stack via sprintf without 
bounds checking. This leaves the service vulnerable to a buffer overlow which can lead to remote code execution.
Technologies Affected
SAP NetWeaver 7.02 (SAPHostControl Service)

Vendor Response
SAP release a patch for the issue ref: 1638811. 

Disclosure Timeline
29th September 2011 – Vendor Disclosure
12th December 2011 - Patch Released
17th February 2012 - Advisory Issued (SAP requested 3 months delay between patch release and advisory being issued)

Nico Leidecker of Context Information Security Ltd

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