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Multiple SQL Injections In Cisco Call Manager User And Admin Interface

Portcullis Security Advisory  07_016

Vulnerable System:

Cisco Unified CallManager

Vulnerability Title:

Multiple SQL Injections In User And Admin Interface

Vulnerability discovery and development:

Nico Leidecker of Portcullis Computer Security Ltd discovered this 
vulnerability. Further research was then carried out.

Affected systems:

System Version: and 5.1, 6.0-6.1.


The Cisco Unified CallManager is vulnerable to multiple SQL injections in the 
user interface as well as in the administration interface.

The value of the 'key' parameter used in various GET requests is not properly 
sanatized and it is therefore possible to inject SQL queries.

In addition, the application discloses table and attribute names in the 
'primaryTable'and 'dispCols' parameters of some POST requests. Another SQL 
injection point can be found there.

The following is a simplified POST request:

POST /ccmuser/personaladdressbookFindList.do?%3C%=reqParams%%3E&recCnt=1&colCnt=4 HTTP/1.1 
Host: example.org 
Referer: https://example.org/ccmuser/personaladdressbookFindList.do 
Cookie: JSESSIONID=D650CB2B43F85CD8D260B69A948FA7B5; JSESSIONIDSSO=315C472AA4B90A6765D4EDEFAC24897C Content-Length: 170

org.apache.struts.taglib.html.TOKEN=9a4f6e1e4e11a72ed4be0981c26e6f53&primaryTable=personaladdressbook&dispCols=pkid%23nickname%23firstname%23lastname SearchField=nickname


Attackers need access to either the user or administration interface. 
They then might be able to read data from the database such as password hashes.


Proof of concept exploit code is not required. The injection points are the 
'key' or the 'primaryTable' and 'dispCols' parameters.




Vendor Status:

Vendor contacted - Cisco advise that they will be using bug ID CSCsk64286 for 
this incident. CVE-2008-0026 has been assiged to this vulnerability. The Cisco 
advisory is now available at: 

The vendor has advised that the CUCM versions not vulnerable to this issue are 
5.1(3a) and 6.1(1a).


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