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Elxis CMS SQL Injection

Elxis Content Management System Banner Mod SQL Injection            Jun 14 2007

* Product

  Elxis Content Management System

* Vulnerable Versions

  All versions to 2006.4 of the Elxis CMS.
* Vendor Status

  The Vendor was notified and the issue fixed.
  A patch can be found at:

* Details

  The banner module of the Elxis Content Management System is vulnerable to an
  SQL injection. The module keeps track of already displayed banners and stores 
  their ID's in a cookie named `mb_tracker'. The cookie value is then used in 
  an SQL query to get the next, not yet shown banner. 

* Impact

  By modifying the cookie value, an attacker might be able to execute SQL 

* Exploit

  No exploit required.

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