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MicraDigital 802.11g Router Web Interface Cross Site Scripting.

MicraDigital 802.11g ADSL Modem Router Cross Site Scripting         APR 12 2007

* Product

  MicraDigital 802.11g Wireless ADSL Modem Router.

* Vulnerable Versions

  Firmware version 2.00.04 was tested to be vulnerable.

* Vendor Status

  The Vendor was informed and confirmed the vulnerability.

* Details

  The provided web admin panel is prone to a Cross Site Scripting attack in the
  network's status page. The application prints the names of the hosts  in  the
  network  to  the  page and fails to sanitize from dangerous characters.  This
  way, an attacker might be able to execute arbitrary script code in the admin-
  istrators browser.

* Impact

  An attacker may exploit this vulnerability to gain access to the admin panel.

* Exploit

  Proof of concept exploit code is available.

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